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Help for Job Seekers



Many jobs require you to complete an application form. Ensure you follow all the instructions, such as using a Black Pen. One of the easiest ways of applying for work is to use a covering letter and enclose your CV.  Here are a few tips on using Covering Letters:

  • The covering letter can be typed or written - typed looks better - especially if you have poor handwriting.
  • Ensure there are no spelling errors and that it makes grammatical sense. A useful tip is to write a first draft of your letter, then leave it several days before reading through it again -  does it still look ok? - if so write it out neatly.
  • Keep it short - no more than 2 sheets of paper.

Here are some example paragraphs of text, that could be used in a covering letter when applying for an advertised post, or an enquiry about possible employment: -

Paragraph 1 - Mention the Post or Position

  • I should like to apply for the position of xxxxxxxx which was advertised in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxxx.
  • In response to your advertisement in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxxx, i wish to apply for the post of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  • I am looking for a position in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and understand that your firm is planning to expand in the near future.  I should like to be considered for any suitable vacancies which may arise.
  • I am writing to you in order to ascertain whether you have any current vacancies in xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or should you envisage a post becoming available in the future would you please keep my details on file.

Paragraph 2 - Sell yourself and ensure the words used reflect those in the advert

  • Over the past seven years, I have applied my knowledge of computer hardware and software to the competitive computer industry and have established an impressive track record.  Notably, I have attained "branch sales manager of the year" for the past two years.  You will see that my attached curriculum vitae demonstrates a history of determination, motivation and a will to succeed.
  • I believe that I would be ideally suited to your advertised post as I have had several years' experience working as a fitness instructor at the Oakdale Health Farm, in Stafford.  My duties included assessing fitness and working out individual fitness programmes for the guests.  From my CV, you will see that as well as being qualified to teach aerobics, I am also a qualified swimming instructor.

Paragraph 3 - Why do you want the job?

  • I would welcome the opportunity to become part of your successful team.
  • I am keen to work in an environment where I can fully utilise my skills and experience to further both the organisation's goals and my own career aims.
  • This position offers the challenge, variety and stimulation I am seeking.

Paragraph 4 - Indicate a willingness to provide further details and availability for interview

  • I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss the ways in which my skills and experience could benefit your organisation.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.  Please note that I would be unavailable for interview on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx due to a prior engagement.